Our customers value understanding their business and responsiveness as the two most
critically important criteria in choosing a staffing firm. Our business model is focused
on addressing these criteria.

82% of our customers rate SourcePoint as exceeding their expectations,
and 94% indicated they would refer SourcePoint to other businesses.

Experience matters – yours and ours.

Our experience ensures the right fit by assessing personality and behavior as well as skills and knowledge, leading to a better experience for you.
We understand your needs better, and that means better results. Happier clients. More satisfied employees. Better job suitability. Lower turnover. Reduced training expenses. Improved safety. All resulting in increased continuity, productivity, and profitability for our clients.

SourcePoint Staffing is focused on the manufacturing, financial, and office and professional, markets with the following targeted service offerings:

Industrial Recruiting – skilled and semi-skilled roles in all facets of manufacturing, distribution,
and logistics
Office/Professional Recruiting – accounting, administrative support, customer service, human resources, marketing, purchasing, logistics, sales (inside & outside)