Recruiting The Best Candidates

Job Opportunities in Industrial and Office Positions

Replying to a blind ad or job board posting can be time-consuming and unrewarding. Will you like the position? Will you like the people? Will you like the pay? And just as important, will the boss like you? At SourcePoint Staffing, we’ll help you find out. Our recruiters pre-screen candidates and employers to ensure a great fit, because at the end of the day, our goal is to take away the fears… from both you and the employers with which we work.

Trusting us with your future is a risk, and we know it. However, we don’t just talk trust… we demonstrate it. We do what we say we will, know best practices for resumes and interviews, build long-term relationships with the employers, know the businesses behind the job listings, and are responsive when you have questions.

SourcePoint Staffing is focused on industrial, technical, and office/professional industries, with regular job opportunities in the following:

Industrial Positions – skilled and semi-skilled roles in all facets of driving, distribution, and logistics
Office/Professional Positions – accounting, administrative support, customer service, human resources, marketing, purchasing, logistics, sales (inside & outside)

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Experience Matters – Yours and Ours.

Our experience ensures the right fit by assessing personality and behavior as well as skills and knowledge, leading to a better experience for you. Because we know the companies, we will use what we know about you to find a culture fit. We understand your needs better and our employer’s needs better, and that means better results.

Happier employers. More satisfied employees. Better job suitability. Lower turnover. Reduced training expenses. Improved safety. All resulting in increased continuity, productivity, and profitability… that’s our ultimate goal.