What Our Customers Say

“I would describe our SourcePoint recruiter as our business partner and an extension of our company because she truly understands our needs and is sensitive to finding the employees possessing traits that fit our culture. In today’s world, results are what matter. And SourcePoint has helped us realize the value of successful talent procurement as evidence by reduced turnover and increased productivity.”

“SourcePoint Staffing has established and earned a position as an integral component of our business functions. Their associates truly care about the employees they place. The team at SourcePoint cares just as passionately for their candidate’s success as they do for their customer’s success. This personable approach to doing business sets SourcePoint apart from their competition and makes every phone call, email, and visit a quality interaction.”

“I have worked with Our SourcePoint Recruiter for 10 years now and have never been let down.  She has an uncanny ability to closely match the individual to our culture and skill requirements.  She effectively monitors the employees’ issues in my building, creating a positive environment for the worker and preventing any surprises for me.”
– HR Manager, Manufacturing Firm

“SourcePoint Staffing can find me people that fit our culture the very next day from when I put in my request for temporary staff. They also bend over backwards and will do anything I ask of them. Recently, I needed to fill 30 openings across three shifts, and SourcePoint was able to deliver on short notice and exceeded my expectations, and my expectations are high. I highly recommend this agency.”
– HR Manager, Manufacturing Firm

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with SourcePoint for over four years, filling multiple contract-to-hire positions. Our SourcePoint recruiter consistently exhibits a positive energy, which really makes it a pleasure to work with her. One of her strengths is her ability to focus on the qualifications and interests of her candidates and match them with the needs and culture of the hiring company.”
– HR Director

“Our SourcePoint recruiter does an excellent job of finding the best quality talent and continually proves to be an asset to our bank’s hiring process whenever we need temp-to- permanent assistance. She possesses a strong work ethic and has developed an excellent rapport with many of the various departments within the bank. She would be an asset to any organization seeking a recruitment firm because she will establish productive relationships with your staff and others within your organization.”
– Operations Officer, Bank

What are SourcePoint’s clients saying in 2015?

In the 3 years working with SourcePoint Staffing they have been able to quickly source and place employees for our production needs. Our recruiter knows the type of skills that would make an employee successful here. SourcePoint Staffing has filled several temporary to hire positions. Should any issue arise, a phone call to my recruiter is all that is needed to resolve the issue professionally and promptly.
-General Manager, Manufacturing Company

The quality of the candidates we have received from SourcePoint Staffing has been very good.  Their work ethic has been very good, along with productivity.  They have been responsible and show up on time!  The people we work with at SourcePoint to get us our candidates are also a treasure to work with.
Human Resources Manager, Manufacturing Company

Prior to working with our SourcePoint Staffing recruiter, our company enlisted in the services of several staffing agencies with little more than a crap shoot of which would be able to fulfill our needs.  Our SourcePoint Staffing recruiter’s communication, timely responses, and ultimately, ability to provide candidates that were not only skilled, but fit our shop “culture” made her previous employer our staffing agency of choice.  With other recruiters, we expect to interview 4-6 candidates to find one to extend an offer to and for every hire, another 3-4 to have someone stick over 12 months.  Our SourcePoint Staffing recruiter has an uncanny ability to send us candidates that we want every time and most have gone on to become regular employees.

Our company’s growth and success is directly dependent on our ability to increase our workforce.   SourcePoint Staffing’s ability to fill our position needs and the relationship that has been built with us cannot be underrated.  If a company is only as good as its employees, then a company is only as good as the recruiter who finds them.
-Machining Supervisor, Manufacturing Company

Our SourcePoint Staffing recruiter and I have worked together for the past couple of years.  The staffing arena in a manufacturing environment can be very challenging at times, and our SourcePoint Staffing recruiter has provided a knowledgeable, client-focused perspective that is truly admirable.  SourcePoint Staffing is a valued business partner who is passionate about forming solid relationships, and is driven by pairing up the right candidate with the right job.
-Office Manager – Manufacturing Company

I have had the pleasure of doing business with our SourcePoint Staffing recruiter since 2013.  In these two years I have worked closely with our SourcePoint Staffing, and she has taken the time to learn about our Company and the type of personnel we need for the smooth operation of our business. Her expertise, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile has developed into a relationship of trust – a very important attribute for our business.

Based on my experience of working with our SourcePoint Staffing,   I would highly recommend her as a valuable asset for Human Resources.
-Human Resources Manager, Manufacturing Company

We have worked with Laura at SourcePoint for over 12 years.  She understands our business & our needs.  This means we get the right person & fast.
-Chief Financial Officer, Manufacturing Company