Let’s Find Your Next Employee Together

SourcePoint vastly differentiates itself from our competitors by following a focused, customer-centric approach that gets optimal results because it starts with you.  You share every possible detail regarding your company culture, philosophies, and values, as well as all important information regarding the position you are relying on us to fill.  We ask poignant, relevant, questions that help us pinpoint the perfect fit, and tour your facility.  During this discovery process we strive to build your confidence with our knowledge and expertise, allowing you to trust we will take care of your needs so that you can focus on your other important priorities.  Afterall, isn’t that why you reached out in the first place?

Once this initial process is complete our recruiters utilize a vast array of recruiting tools to saturate the market with information about your position, typically drawing a large volume of potential candidates.  We meticulously review each resume, screening out unqualified candidates, leaving us with our initial candidate pool for interviews.  Our interview process is the most detailed in the industry, covering the candidate’s entire career, optimal future career path, character, work ethic, communication skills, and any other details we know you may find relevant to their long term success with you.

The result of this approach is higher quality, better retention, less turnover, and reduced training expense, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

82% of our customers rate SourcePoint as exceeding their expectations, and 94% indicated they would refer SourcePoint to other businesses.