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As a leading resource for small and mid-sized companies seeking the talent they need to grow, SourcePoint Staffing is always open to talking with talented salespeople and recruiters. We seek consultative, business-to-business salespeople and successful, front-line management individuals from any industry. Past experience in staffing is not required, but past experience is required in providing superior client solutions.

About SourcePoint Staffing

  • We are a premier skilled staff recruiting service based in Milwaukee, WI with offices throughout southeastern Wisconsin helping small and mid-sized companies find the skilled talent they need to grow.
  • Our recruiting staff is among the most experienced in the market offering our clients more complete evaluation of their work environments and more insightful interviews, all leading to a more efficient hiring process.
  • We have established a reputation over almost 30 years as a leading resource for our services, offering increased continuity, productivity, and profitability for our clients.

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