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We have hundreds of job openings and more coming in everyday. Let’s find a job that fits your skillset and personality… together!

Whether you are looking for an engineering position in Waukesha or a maintenance electrician position in Milwaukee, let us help you find your next technical job! If you already know the type of position you are interested in, go ahead and search our open positions.

Location. Prior experience. Pay. Company culture. Management styles. These are all things that impact your job search, and because you are experienced in this industry, you know that positions vary greatly by company. We will take all these things into consideration to find you a technical job that allows your skills to flourish. During our first meeting, we will walk through your skills, background, and get a feel for your personality. You will also complete any specialized skills testing in our office, and we’ll work through your resume together. After that meeting, our recruiters will work hard to find the position(s) that are made for you – the job you want and the co-workers you’ll like to work with! We want to take all the heavy lifting off your job search, so you can focus on landing the job and being a successful employee. So what are you waiting for? Submit your resume!


Technical Positions We Offer

These represent a sample of the positions we have filled over the past year.




Designers & Drafters
Maintenance Electrician
Project Managers
Project Schedulers
Technical Writers