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At SourcePoint Staffing, we aren’t simply taking orders for positions to fill. We’re vested. Our recruiting team knows our clients’ businesses, have walked through employer facilities, visited break rooms, talked to current employees, and have influence with the hiring manager. We can be your eyes and ears, giving you a glimpse into your future office, warehouse, cubicle, shop floor, production floor, or truck. We know our employer partners… and we know how to find a good fit for you!

With our unmatched business insights and recruiting experience, we have developed the expertise needed so that each candidate we work with is matched to the right opportunity. What does this mean for you?

  1. We treat you with respect – we listen intently when you tell us what you have done and even more intently when you talk about what you want. Our goal first and foremost is to find a job you will like.
  2. We talk to those who know your skills best – we call your past employers to see where you have excelled. Everyone feels more comfortable working in a position that builds skills they are already confident at.
  3. We give you what you want – we make every effort to ensure that you are matched to the right opportunity based on skills, personality, and desire. When those three things come together, you get a career to grow in for years to come!

Our Job Opportunities


Blue collar and hard work… that’s how you like it. At SourcePoint, our industrial staffing division has a great lineup of positions that focus on people, not process. Personalities, not politics. Proof, not promises. We’re straightforward, hardworking, roll-up-our-sleeves folks… just like you.



Questions. About a job? About the benefits? About your future? About the first interview process? Or the second? About your workspace… a cubicle or office? We’re on the flip side of the questions… getting you the answers you need. Bring us your resume and cover letter, and let’s go through it together. Because when it comes to searching for a new job, the only questions you should have to worry about answering are the ones you will rock at your next interview!


Submit your Resume!


Our Job Screening Process

As a group of recruiters, our primary job is to keep a pulse on the job market and stay in contact with companies looking for their next employee. This means you’ll be the first to know when a job comes in that matches your background. The best part? You’ll likely have not one, but a few jobs to choose from!

You reaching out to us is the first step to your next job. From there, our process gets straight to the point:

  • Preliminary phone call so we can understand a little about your background and what you’re looking for in a job.
  • We’ll work with you to fill out an application and any necessary skills tests (like reading a ruler or simple math). We will also assist with resume and cover letter if applicable!
  • The “SourcePoint Interview,” which allows your recruiter to dig deep into your background, work history, skills, desires, personality, and more. For some general labor jobs, this is all you have to do! We take care of the rest and get you an offer.
  • For office jobs and other technical positions that require interviews, we submit your application, resume, cover letter, and a comprehensive analysis based on the “SourcePoint Interview” (think of it as an in-depth reference letter).
  • We coordinate your interview schedule and coach you through the process.
  • You get the job! Our job doesn’t stop now.
  • You come here to fill out employment paperwork for taxes, direct deposits, etc.
  • You start your first day, and we’ll stay in touch to make sure everything is as expected!

So what are you waiting for? Send us your resume or start your search from the hundreds of job opportunities we have available today!

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