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Benefits of Direct Hire Positions for Employers

Direct hire positions may seem like they are a greater risk when compared to contract-to-hire positions; however, you are getting a person who is more committed due to they are most likely currently employed and will have to leave a full-time permanent position to join your company. In most cases, direct hires are the only way to attract the cream of the crop – those employees who are valued by their current employers.

Additionally, candidates qualified for direct hire positions are the hardest to find. We save you time and we work tirelessly to fill your positions. The hiring process – reading resumes, selecting candidates, screening, interviewing, and sending a job offer – may not be your favorite thing. But it’s our passion, and we’ve had 20+ years of experience with it.

Benefits of Direct Hire Positions for Job Seekers

A direct hire position means that you start your job as a permanent employee at the company from day one. You are not on our payroll. You are not temporary. You are fully employed at the company and receive any and all benefits the company offers, just like every other employee. Our only involvement in the process is getting you the job.

So this might leave you asking, “Why should I consider searching for my new job through SourcePoint?” Getting a job these days has everything to do with relationships. Some companies receive hundreds of resumes each day. While human resources staff would love to be able to look at them all, the reality is they can’t. That’s why they partner with people like us – people who love to look at resumes, talk to candidates, and find the best fit for open positions. At SourcePoint, our input is invaluable in saving them time and resources, and we have a history of placing good employees, building the relationship even stronger.

For you, our relationships mean you have a person who is relentlessly advocating for you and making sure human resources doesn’t overlook your application. Frankly, it’s the best way to get a fair chance at any job opening. Because searching for candidates is such a time-consuming process, many companies are choosing to work with a staffing agency for all of their job openings. This means that we will know positions that aren’t necessarily available online or posted out on other job boards. We’ve also been known to work with employers to revise job descriptions for candidates that have a lot to bring to the table but don’t necessarily fit the current job description.

We also help save time and simplify the process for you! When you don’t work through an agency, you have to apply for jobs… one. at. a. time. Choosing to work with a staffing agency means you are choosing to submit your resume once for numerous job openings at numerous companies.

If you are still unsure, read our blog that goes further into the benefits of working with a staffing agency.

Current Direct Hire Job Openings

Direct hire openings are available across all industries, throughout Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha, and beyond.