Milwaukee Journal Sentinal: “Work search requirement for unemployment benefits will restart Sunday. Here’s what you need to know”

May 21st, 2021

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that starting Sunday, May 23rd, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development will be changing the work search requirements for unemployment benefits.

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People will need to begin reporting four work searches a week starting Sunday, May 23. Valid examples of a Work Search include, “submitting resumes and applications, registering with a placement facility, temporary help agency or headhunter, meeting with a career counselor, participating in a professional work-related networking group or event, posting a resume on an employment website, or interviewing for a job.”

Examples of what does not count as a work search include, “viewing job ads or postings, but not applying for them, applying for work that you know you would not accept or that is not suitable for you, contacting an employer who has no openings and isn’t accepting applications, or repeatedly contacting a prospective employer, such as checking in on the status of an application or scheduling an interview.”

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To read the full Journal Sentinel article, click on the link here.