You Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar

April 7th, 2021

Finding employees in today’s market is more difficult than at any time in recent history. The term “candidate market” is an understatement as applicants have become very picky and do not hesitate to change jobs frequently because they know another is right around the corner.  Applicants prioritize what they consider to be the best culture, most positive work environment, where they feel the most appreciated, and where the wage is most competitive. Companies that are going above and beyond to treat employees with respect, kindness, positive affirmation, and motivation are winning, while those with a negative work environment, unrealistic expectations, and a lack of praise for simple day to day accomplishments are creating a culture that leads to unsuccessful employee retainment.  Over time this greatly affects production.

Positive feedback and reinforcement are more vital than ever when it comes to attracting and retaining new employees.  Employees are more likely to thrive in a forgiving environment where constructive criticism and transparency are the norm. Attendance and retention go hand in hand with the level of positivity in a work environment.  Employees need acknowledgement for the good things they do, even if it is simply what is expected. It’s easy to forget that just because an employee creates challenges, the next one may present even more.

Today’s job hunters highly prioritize culture, appreciation, and pay rates.  To succeed in this market you must make sure you are more attractive in these three areas than your competitors, or even the company next door.  If you are not, the odds are very high that employees are gravitating towards them, and away from you.