Diversity Sensitivity Training Tips for the Workplace – Employee

July 29th, 2020

Diversity Sensitivity Training Tips for Employees in the Workplace

• Make expectations for coworkers very concise and clear.
• Take the time to educate yourself and become informed on history and other people’s cultures while spreading awareness.
• Respect everyone in the workplace no matter who they are or where they come from. Remain open-minded and understanding of all sides of situations.
• Have zero tolerance for name calling, jokes, slurs and other inappropriate conversations, especially those that target a nationality, race or ethnicity.
• Listen to and empathize with others point of view and stand up for your peers.
• Participate in non-biased and inclusive conversations about race and culture. Don’t be defensive over the conversation.
• Don’t overgeneralize and assume that everyone has the same understanding as others.
• Make an everyday effort to make everyone feel included and comfortable at their jobs.
• Make suggestions on how to be a more inclusive and cultured company.
• If there is somebody or something that has made you uncomfortable, talk to human resources to diffuse and address the situation.