Press Release: The SourcePoint Staffing survey of local Milwaukee area businesses confirmed the unparalleled and profound impact of the pandemic on Milwaukee area businesses.

June 9th, 2020

SourcePoint Staffing LLC today released its survey of local manufacturing, distribution, business services, and financial service businesses regarding the impact of the pandemic on their businesses.

“The impact of the pandemic on most Milwaukee area businesses has been profound. The Survey found that although some businesses experienced growth, the majority (65%) suffered unusual and unprecedented decline in revenues, backlog, and their workforce,” stated Steven J. Appel, Chief Executive Officer of SourcePoint Staffing LLC.
“Some reductions in workforce are expected to be permanent, which, if actually experienced, could have a long-term impact on greater Milwaukee in many ways beyond its economic well-being”, Appel stated.
“Despite the declines in revenues and backlog, businesses surveyed are optimistic about a recovery to normal by the end of 2020 or in the first quarter, 2021”, Appel stated.

Graph of impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on revenue and order backlog in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What is the impact of the Pandemic on Revenue and Order Backlog since March 1st, 2020?

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A detailed analysis of the survey can be found here, on SourcePoint Staffing’s website

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