COVID-19 Announcement

March 18th, 2020

Steve Appel, Chief Executive Officer of SourcePoint Staffing LLC released the following statement regarding the COVID-19 situation.

The economic and social shock from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is massive and unprecedented. The ramifications are, and will continue to be, profound. It has brought uncertainty and disruption to the organizations we serve as well as the employees we have in place with those organizations. Different organizations are pursuing different strategies, no one has certainty about the right course of action. We believe we have a duty to our customers and employees to provide whatever services and support that’s necessary to weather this storm.

The wellness of our employees and customers is our highest priority.  If you are at risk, please take the precautions and stay home. Learn more from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at

We want to assure each of our customers that if an employee calls in sick, and the employee believes the illness is, or may be, COVID-19, we encourage the employee to seek medical attention and testing. Our customers will be informed promptly, and we will take whatever action we are directed to take.

As a group, we meet daily to update one another on all SourcePoint activities with all customers. We have the technology in place for our sales and recruiting team to work remotely, ensuring that business operations aren’t interrupted while maintaining the service levels that our customers and employees have come to expect.

We thank you for your trust and wish everyone good health.


Steve Appel


SourcePoint Staffing, LLC