State of the Job Market: Candidate Attendance is an Ongoing Concern

September 27th, 2019

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High Demand for Workers Creates Attendance Problems

Unemployment has hovered in the neighborhood of 3% across the state of Wisconsin for the better part of two years. While low unemployment rates offer plenty of benefits for the economy as a whole, it also creates a number of issues when it comes time to source new employees.

Total job openings recently exceeded workers classified as unemployed by a record-high 1.63 million person margin across the US. With a plethora of job opportunities available to choose from, a disturbing trend of post-interview “ghosting” and new employee no-shows is beginning to occur with relative frequency. Sometimes these no-shows will even take place on the first or second day on the job!

This trend is far from unique to Southeast Wisconsin. In a recent USA Today report, a number of businesses provided data claiming that 20 to 50 percent of job applicants and workers are pulling no-shows of some form.

How is SourcePoint Staffing Addressing This Issue?

Despite our best efforts to vet and run background checks on prospective candidates, this nationwide phenomenon cannot be completely mitigated. SourcePoint Staffing actively sources individuals who are best suited for open positions, working with these qualified candidates to help guide them through the entirety of the placement process.

Our recruiters dedicate a great deal of time and effort tracking down candidates with consistent work history, screening individuals who may have previously “ghosted” our clients after accepting an offer.

How Can You Help Improve Candidate Attendance?

In a difficult hiring market, it’s important to make sure candidates feel valued. Share how excited you are to bring them aboard, providing incentives to look forward to in both the short and long term. A competitive wage and benefits package will also likely play a big part in supporting new employee retention. It’s important to remember that interviews are a two-way negotiation. Employees are interviewing their prospective employers as well!

Many no-show or “ghosting” incidents involve candidates who would prefer to avoid the unpleasant conversation surrounding their desire to look for a job elsewhere. By being upfront with interviewees on the importance of declining a position rather than disappearing shortly after accepting an offer, candidates may be more inclined to think first rather than accept a position they do not intend to take.

Let candidates know that others are depending on them to support the team and help with ongoing projects. Explain that other job candidates will be missing out on the opportunity to fill this new position if they do fail to show up for work, leaving a vacancy and significant sunk cost in their stead.

Ghosting and No-Shows Are Unavoidable in the Current Economic Climate

Despite our best efforts to mitigate new hire no-shows, this trend is likely to continue as long as unemployment remains at near-record-low levels. SourcePoint Staffing recruiters will continue to provide the highest quality candidates suited for available positions, partnering with our clients to create a competitive workforce to support their unique organizational requirements.