Preparing for a Job Interview

August 14th, 2019

Man shaking hands at a job interview

Making the Grade: 5 Different Techniques to Get You Ready For Your Next Job Interview

Preparing For The Ultimate Test

It’s not uncommon for job applicants to be a little nervous about the job interview process. The formality, structure, and competitive nature of job interviews is worsened by concerns about the unknown.

  • What questions will the employer ask me?
  • What kind of person are they looking for to fill this role?
  • What type of work will I be involved in?
  • What type of salary and benefits are offered through this position?
  • Am I qualified for this position?

With a laundry list of questions like this, it’s no surprise that you might be a bit nervous. It’s that same feeling you got when preparing for a final exam in school, except this time around there is a lot more at stake than a simple grade – it’s your livelihood!

The good news is that you’re already ahead of learning curve if you have contacted a SourcePoint Staffing recruiter. Think of our recruiters as your own personal tutor. They know the course material, they’re on good terms with the teacher, and they can walk you through each one of these questions prior to your interview.

That said, you’ll still have to complete that test (the interview) on your own. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you breeze through your next job interview!

1. Dress For Success at Your Next Interview:

While you don’t need to show up at a job interview in formalwear, you should definitely show up dressed to impress. While a suit and tie are typically recommended for men interviewing for an office/professional position, a pair of well-kept pants and a tucked-in collared long sleeve shirt may be acceptable for applicants seeking employment in an industrial setting.

If seeking a role in an office setting, a good piece of advice for apparel selection is to dress in a similar fashion as your boss-to-be. A quick scan of your prospective employer’s “About Us” or “Team” page will typically give you an idea of how your potential coworkers typically dress.

2. Do Your Homework Prior to Your Interview:

If you want to ace this test, you’ll have to do your homework. Research the company you’re applying for, learning more about their products, services, and office culture. Visit their website and social media outlets (Facebook and LinkedIn will typically provide plenty of information regarding past company social events and interests).

Once you have a basic knowledge of the company’s products and services, spend some time reading up on other suppliers or competitors in their industry. What machines do they use? What industries do they operate in? Is there anything that you could bring to the table that isn’t already being offered by the company you’re applying to? Any value add you can offer a prospective employer may be worth discussing during your upcoming interview.

3. Learn More About The People at Your New Job

Take the initiative to learn more about the people in your future company! If you have a well-built LinkedIn account, it can offer you an excellent way to connect with your prospective boss and interviewers. Reviewing each of their profiles provides a great opportunity to learn more about your shared past experiences.

4. Come Prepared

As the interview day approaches, it pays to be prepared. Aside from getting your clothes cleaned, ironed, and staged the day prior to the interview, you should also bring a small notebook or folder with additional copies of your resume, examples of your past work, a list of references, and a number of questions you would like to ask your interviewer. Don’t forget to bring something to write with!

Make sure your cell phone is turned off or set to “silent mode” during an interview. Refrain from chewing gum, using tobacco products, vaping, or participating in any other distracting activities outside the main entrance, in the waiting room, or during the interview.

5. Chat With Your Recruiter

Your SourcePoint recruiter is there to help guide you through the interview process. In all likelihood, they have an extensive background with this organization, and can provide insight into their corporate culture, values, and things they are looking for in a high-quality employee. Once your interview is completed, it’s time for your recruiter to follow up with your prospective employer. There won’t be any need to reach out to your interviewers unless they’re ready to make you an offer.

Let’s Pass This Test Together!

Our goal is to help find you a position well-suited for your skill set and background, providing you with the resources and ability required to pursue your unique career goals. If there is anything SourcePoint Staffing can do to help guide you through an upcoming job interview process, feel free to contact us today!