Refer a Friend: Finding The Perfect Job Placement Candidate

June 11th, 2019

Building workers having a rest

SourcePoint Staffing is Excited to Bring Aboard Our Newest Recruiter: You!

For years, we have enjoyed successful referrals from placed job candidates, friends, colleagues, and family. We recently decided to up the ante by offering a $500 bonus to our top performing referrers! Details regarding our referral program can be found on our website here.

Finding referral candidates might sound like a difficult task, but in today’s fluid job market there are always plenty of people looking for great new career opportunities. Who are these people, you ask? They’re the same people you interact with every day!


Over the years you have accumulated a wide pool of friends and acquaintances. Some enjoy their jobs, others don’t. Some friends might be in between jobs, looking to move up on the next rung of their career ladder. With one simple message to SourcePoint, we can help get them started in taking that next step forward!


Nothing is more important than taking care of your family, whether it be your child, parent, sibling, cousin, or distant relative. Providing a family member with the stability offered by renewed employment is the gift that keeps on giving. It provides people with a sense of purpose, a means to support themselves and their family, and helps create its own set of career aspirations!


Whether working with a supplier, customer, competitor, or other personnel in your industry, we all know of someone who isn’t satisfied with their current position. If a rival business closes or downsizes, there are always displaced employees in need of a new workplace. If you know of anyone looking for new opportunities, send them our way and one of our recruiters will find them a good fit!

Social Media Contacts

They might be close friends, old classmates, or people you have only met a few times, but social media provides us all with a wide network to work with. Proactive referrers will even participate in conversations on local job boards or groups on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Feel free to browse through your contacts to see if anyone is looking for a new job. Perhaps they posted questions about employment on their Facebook page or changed their status on LinkedIn. If you hear of anyone in need of a new job, we’ll be more than happy to lend them a helping hand.

Help A Few Friends, Make a Few Bucks

All it takes is a few successful referrals and you’ll be well on your way to that $500 bonus. Just keep in mind, not only are you helping pad your wallet, but you’re helping those around you as well. Pay it forward through the SourcePoint Referral Program!


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