Which Topics Shouldn’t You Talk About at Work?

September 27th, 2017


When you’re at work, it’s best to avoid discussing certain subjects. Because those topics typically bring about opposing beliefs, they’re better left unmentioned. Here are four topics you shouldn’t talk about in the workplace.


This includes your own and others’ beliefs or lack of beliefs. Also, don’t try converting co-workers to your religion. Although you may be proud of your beliefs, not everyone worships as you do. Even if your co-workers practice the same religion, you don’t want to risk someone overhearing you and being offended. Talking about religion can start debate that prevents everyone from completing their work. Plus, the company and its employees may be subject to lawsuits if an employee believes they’re being harassed or discriminated against due to their religious beliefs. Faith is a personal, sensitive topic not to be discussed at work.


Although you may feel very strongly about a candidate or be very strongly opposed to a political leader, you most likely won’t persuade your co-workers to join your way of thinking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you don’t want to offend anyone by sharing yours. Also, debating politics damages relationships. You’ll likely have a hard time collaborating with a team member if they disagree with you on political issues. You may even get passed up for promotions if your political beliefs contrast with your supervisor’s.

Family Issues

Your co-workers and supervisor may question whether you’re focused on your tasks. If you’re a supervisor, discussing family problems reveals weaknesses to your team members and can undermine your authority. In addition, your co-workers have their own family issues and don’t want to be concerned about yours. Sharing family issues provides gossip for your workplace. Talk with a trusted friend or therapist instead of your co-workers.

Health Concerns

If you have a chronic illness or other medical issue, discussing it at work may cause your co-workers and supervisor to wonder whether you can adequately perform your job. If you need to take sick leave from work, you don’t have to disclose details of your illness to your employer.

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