How Can You Match Technical Ability and Culture in Your New Hires?

September 13th, 2017


When hiring candidates in today’s market, it can be difficult to find individuals who possess the skills you need to do the job well. Your ideal candidate has the skills as well as matches your company culture, but how does it help your organization to hire a candidate who fits your culture but can’t do the job?

It doesn’t – and that’s why the following four tips will help your company land the hard-to-find job candidates who possess the skills needed to fill your open jobs.

Hire Internally

Because candidates have been working with your organization a while, you know their abilities – both with the technical skills and with their fit in your culture. You can avoid expensive hiring mistakes by choosing the appropriate candidate already in your organization. An internal promotion could be a great option in this tough hiring market.

Recruit from Your Network

Your network understands what you need – both from a technical standpoint and what your company stands for. Utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to connect with your direct network and their networks. You can reach out to members you know who may be perfect for a role or ask to be introduced to members of other networks who may want to work for your organization. When talking with candidates, see whether they possess the qualities needed for both completing the role requirements and blending with company culture. Your mutual connection should also be able to give you an honest assessment

Request Employee Referrals

Ask your employees to refer candidates. Your employees understand your business. They know which skills will lead to success on a daily basis and how their referrals will fit in well with company culture. Your current employees want to work with their friends, but they don’t want to work with friends who can’t do the job because that hurts their internal reputation.

Offer a Temp-to-Hire Position

Because you decide the duration of the temporary period, you’ll have plenty of time to determine whether a worker is a good fit for your organization. While the resume and interview should help relay their technical ability, the temp-to-hire position provides an opportunity to see if those skills are what you thought they were. It also gives you time to see if they possess the soft skills and cultural values you want in your organization. When you have your answer on their technical ability, then you can make the determination if they are the right long-term fit for your organization.

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