Employees Can Learn From the Top OSHA Violations

August 21st, 2017

Annual inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) uncover thousands of safety and health violations in the workplace. These violations can easily lead to worker injury or death. Therefore, you should be aware of the top 10 OSHA violations so you know what to look for to stay safe in your workplace.

Ladders, Scaffolds and Fall Protection

Falls are a leading cause of worker injuries and fatalities. Without fall protection, employees may become temporarily or permanently disabled or lose their lives. Therefore, your employer must take steps to protect you from falling off overhead platforms and elevated workstations or into holes in the floor or walls. You should regularly check your fall protection to ensure it doesn’t show signs of excessive wear, neglect, misuse, age or exposure. In addition, ensure proper safety harnesses, lines and nets are in place where applicable.

Hazard Communication

Workers may lose hands or fingers when machinery starts up during maintenance. Workers may face temporary or permanent injury when exposed to toxic chemicals. Therefore, always ensure machinery is turned off and unplugged when working on it. Ensure you’re educated on properly handling dangerous chemicals and what to do in case of exposure. Also, talk with your manager if you have concerns over hazard communication training or postings.

Respiratory Protection

Using proper respiratory protection can prevent long-term, potentially fatal health problems. Breathing in asbestos, silica or other toxic substances may lead to cancer, lung impairment, chronic illness and death. Ensure you wear effective respiratory protection when working in jobs with airborne particles and contaminants. Respirators can also protect you from areas with insufficient oxygen, harmful dust, fog, smoke, mist, gas, vapor or spray. Hold your co-workers accountable for taking the same precautions.

Lockout/Tagout and Machine Guarding

Lockout/tagout means machines are powered off and cannot be turned on during maintenance. This prevents cuts, pinching, crushing, shock, burns, electrocution and other potential injuries or death. Also, machine guarding prevents hands, feet and other appendages from potentially being amputated by moving machine parts.

Powered Industrial Trucks

A substantial number of injuries and fatalities result from powered industrial trucks. Improperly trained or neglectful workers operating forklifts have increased potential for causing accidents. Therefore, it’s important you’re trained on operating industrial trucks and immediately report concerns to your supervisor.

Electrical Wiring and Safety

Hundreds of electrocutions and thousands of injuries due to shock, burns, fires and explosions occur annually. Therefore, ensure you’re trained on electrical hazards so you remain safe.

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