What Is Your Mobile Phone Policy in the Workplace?

August 14th, 2017


If your company doesn’t already have a mobile phone policy, you’re going to want to create one. Having guidelines in place for appropriate use of mobile phones creates a safer work environment and improves productivity. Here are some aspects to consider when creating a mobile phone policy for your workplace.

Need for a Mobile Phone Policy

Having a policy guiding the use of mobile phones promotes safety and productivity within your organization. Phones should be set to silent or vibrate mode, turned off or not be carried during production time and meetings. Also, if an employee is operating a company vehicle, they should pull over to a safe location and stop the vehicle before using a mobile phone. If personal phones are used for company business, their use should be sporadic. Furthermore, employees should be reimbursed for incoming business calls and outgoing calls made with prior authorization from the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Creating a Mobile Phone Policy

Gather the appropriate professionals when creating or modifying your mobile phone policy. Because department managers work directly with employees, and HR staff oversee your entire workforce, they should be providing input. Since your IT staff understand how technically complicated mobile phones are becoming, especially if they’re connected to your company’s email server, IT staff should be involved as well. Due to the legal implications involved with restricting employees’ mobile phone use, your legal team should be overseeing your policy.

Guidelines for Mobile Phone Use

Provide adequate times for employees to use their mobile phones. Employees should be able to check their calendars and initiate or receive authorized business calls when circumstances allow. Also, because employees need time to decompress, they should be allowed to use their phones during break times and lunch. However, employees should not be allowed to take photos or videos, use the microphone to record conversations, or let their phone use disturb co-workers or distract them from their work.

Disciplinary Action

Department managers should reserve the right to request an employee’s mobile phone bills and usage reports if the manager believes the employee is excessively using their phone during production time. If excessive phone usage results in a significant decline in productivity or interferes with company operations, your company should reserve the right to ban the employee from using their phone during work hours. In addition, employees should face severe disciplinary action, up to and including employment termination, if their mobile phone use violates your company’s confidentiality policy, results in an accident or causes a security breach.

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