As a Veteran, How Can You Share Your Experience in a Cover Letter?

August 8th, 2017


As a veteran, it’s important you explain your training, skills and experience when applying for civilian jobs. Employers need to know exactly what your military career was like and how you can use it to provide value to their company. Here are five ways you can share your veteran experience in a cover letter.

Provide Insights About Yourself

Show aspects of your personality that set you apart from other candidates. For example, mention what issues are important to you, why you’re leaving the military and how you envision your future career. Demonstrate what you’re looking for in your next opportunity, which traits you value in both a role and a company, and what core competencies you possess that make you the ideal candidate for a position.

Articulate Your Goals

Ensure you include key information from your resume so employers can get a clearer picture of your knowledge and interests. Include where you learned about the role and how it fits well with your education, training, experience and career objectives. Also, mention what excites you about the opportunity and when you can start.

Expand on Your Training

Discuss how your skills helped the military achieve results and how you can use those skills to benefit your next employer. Describe a military operation where you pushed yourself to do more than what was expected. Also, show how your individual and collaborative contributions helped complete a project. Mention specific examples of how you’re used to working more than 40 hours a week, including weekends, and don’t mind getting up early to handle issues. Furthermore, mention your military honors and recognition to further demonstrate how you’ll be an asset to the organization.

Share Your Values

Because values are important to both military workers and employers, show how you hold similar values in high regard and work to uphold them at all times. This makes you stand out as a top candidate for the position.

Be Honest

Even if you managed millions of dollars for the military, don’t claim that skill makes you prepared to manage millions of dollars in the private sector. In the military, you’re given a budget to work with and it’s spent by consensus. In the private sector, circumstances are completely different.

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