What Are Some Options for Affordable Childcare When You Work?

July 26th, 2017


As a working parent, securing steady childcare is important. You won’t leave your children with just anyone, yet you want to keep costs as low as possible. Therefore, you want to research your choices before deciding which one best fits your needs and budget. Here are some options for affordable childcare when you work.

Boys and Girls Club

The nonprofit organization has existed for over 100 years, is partially funded by the government and has thousands of chapters throughout the United States. Children are safe, staff are friendly and annual tuition is low.


There are various activities for children to participate in. Weekly rates are low, even less for members. Visit the YMCA website, type in your ZIP code and get more information on programs and costs.

In-Home Daycare Providers

In-home daycare providers are typically willing to work with you on pricing and flexibility. For example, a provider may run specials such as watching one child at full price and another for free. Also, in-home providers typically offer a more relaxed environment, greater individual care and fewer germs. You should be able to read any complaints filed against licensed in-home daycare providers and whether the provider was cited for state code violations.

Other Parents or Grandparents

Get to know other parents and grandparents in your neighborhood or at your children’s school. You may find a stay-at-home parent or retired grandparent willing to watch your child for a low hourly wage. You can also ask around for recommendations from family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

College Students

If you have an extra bedroom, consider hiring a college student to provide childcare in exchange for room and board. Although you have to coordinate your schedule with the student’s, you may be able to secure steady childcare for four or five years.

Your Parents

Your children and parents will enjoy spending time with each other and learning about other generations. If your parents aren’t able to make a full-time commitment, ask whether other family members can help out for a low hourly wage. Your children will appreciate spending time with someone who has a personal interest in them.

Babysitting Cooperatives

If you work part time, you may form or join a babysitting cooperative. A co-op is typically formed by six or more parents who care for each other’s children on a rotating basis. Each parent earns points for their caregiving hours and uses them to request child care for their own child.

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