Employees Need to Understand Why Online Reviews Matter

July 12th, 2017

In today’s online world, company reviews have a substantial impact on your organization’s success. Reading candid posts from current and former employees and customers provides you valuable feedback for improving operations and attracting new employees and customers. Therefore, it’s important you actively request and respond to online reviews. Here are three reasons your employees need to understand why online company reviews matter.

Company Perception

Studies show individuals who read a positive review have a more positive opinion of the organization, are more eager to work there and recommend it, and ask for smaller salary increases than individuals who read a neutral or negative review. Also, individuals consider reviews from current or former employees to be more reliable than awards the company received. Therefore, as an employer, you should actively monitor company reviews, reply directly and use the feedback to improve your workplace. Remember to thank individuals for taking the time to create a review, as their feedback helps you build your brand.

Company Culture

It’s important you respond in a non-defensive manner to negative reviews. Discuss the issue offline and show how it was efficiently and effectively resolved. This demonstrates your company’s dedication to listening to its employees and customers and working on improving operations.

Search Engine Rankings

Online reviews can place your company ahead of competitors in search engines. Adding more detailed, positive company reviews ranks your company higher in search engines and can bring in more employees and customers. Positive reviews show your company believes in transparency and appropriately conducting business, making it more trustworthy and attractive to potential employees and customers. Also, reviews help convey aspects of your business that are more effectively stated by an employee or customer. A company can say it’s great, but having employees tell their reasons why makes it more convincing.

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