Why Should We Hire You – What Do You Say?

July 5th, 2017


During your next interview, you may be asked why the company should hire you. Because the hiring manager wants to find the most qualified candidate for the position, how you answer this question plays a large part in whether you’re extended a job offer. Therefore, you need to be prepared with evidence-based reasons why you’re the candidate who should be hired.

Listen for Verbal Cues

Listen to the fine details of the job requirements mentioned by the interviewer to create a targeted response based on your background. For example, if organization skills are necessary, talk about the software programs you use to keep track of your daily tasks. Also, mention how specific aspects of the company’s mission and goals align with your own and make you want to work there.

Summarize Your Top Four Characteristics

Ensure you point out your most impressive strengths and selling points tailored to the top requirements listed in the job description. For example, you may discuss your education, training, soft skills, industry experience, technical skills, ability to perform specific duties or tasks, key accomplishments or awards. Be sure you demonstrate how your accomplishments, such as a successful marketing campaign, show you have a desired competency, such as creativity. Point out unique combinations of skills you possess, such as strong technology skills and leadership experience, and how they make you stand out from other candidates.

Show Ways You Provide Value

Discuss specific examples of how you helped a previous company lower expenses, increase efficiency or reduce turnover. Talk about why you’re passionate about the organization and how your skills and experience can help it innovate. In addition, point out how filling the position fits with your career goals and serves as motivation to remain loyal to the organization. Give examples of how you can help solve the company’s problems and move forward.

Focus on Company Goals

Demonstrate how you actively seek opportunities for professional growth. Show how your past promotions attest to your investment in reaching business objectives and moving the company forward. Discuss ways you’d like to promote your career path within the organization by helping it innovate.

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