3 Tips to Find a New Job This Summer

June 27th, 2017

If you’re looking for a new job, summer is the perfect time to conduct your search. Things tend to slow down, and hiring managers have more time to focus on finding new talent. Follow these three tips to find a new job this summer.

Network at Outdoor Events

Festivals, barbeques, beach dates and other gatherings are perfect opportunities to meet new people. Because these are casual get-togethers, you’re able to connect with others in an informal manner and have fun. For example, you may ask a person barbequing what their secret is to marinating the chicken for an unforgettable taste. Also, if you meet someone who’s especially interesting or works in your field, you can ask them about a topic they’re discussing and learn something new. They’ll think of you as the fun person they met at an outdoor event rather than some person they ran into at a formal gathering. In addition, rather than asking someone what they do for a living, ask how they know the event organizer. Expressing a genuine interest in getting to know someone will lead to all kinds of discussions. You may even ask to follow up with people at a later time if you want to get to know them on a professional level as well.

Volunteer at Events

Try out different organizations, roles and causes while learning new things. Also, you enhance your communication, teamwork, project planning, task management and organizational skills. In addition, you may learn about professional organizations or internships that can benefit your career. Employers like workers who give their time to help improve the community. You may even be able to use your supervisor as a professional reference or get a job with the organization.  

Understand Hiring May Be Slow

Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer to get hired. Since employees at different levels in the company may be on vacation at different times, the hiring manager may not be able to make a decision right away. However, since most job seekers take off during the summer, you face less competition for open positions. Also, many companies want new employees in place during the summer so they can begin working on projects in the fall. Stay patient and consistent in your search by leaving polite messages for hiring managers and being diligent.

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