Why You Can Never Lie in a Job Interview

June 20th, 2017

Lying during a job interview is a bad idea. Being dishonest about your skills and experience won’t get you a position. Even if it does, you’ll be found out at some point. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t lie during a job interview.

You Ruin Your Credibility

Because background checks are performed, the truth will be uncovered. For example, employers may use Google to determine whether a company truly existed and you actually worked there. Employers may also contact your references through LinkedIn to verify the information you provided about your skills and work experience. Once you’re caught in a lie, you lose your chance of being hired by the company. When your professional reputation is damaged, you face greater difficulty securing a position.

The Truth Will Be Discovered

Even if you’re offered a job, your deception will be discovered at some point. For example, if your company is acquired by another company, they may audit its new employees and discover you fabricated information. Also, if you’re going for a promotion and your past is looked into, your organization may discover you gave false information about a key element of your work history. Even worse, if you lack the skills and experience necessary for a role, you’ll constantly be stressed out about completing your work because you don’t know how to. You won’t be able to ask your co-workers or manager for help because they’ll discover you’re not qualified for the position. No matter the circumstances, when you’re caught in a lie, you’ll most likely be fired immediately and throw away everything you’ve achieved.

Staffing Agencies Won’t Work with You

Lying during a job interview with a staffing agency disqualifies you from working with them. Because you represent the agency you work for, they need to know they can trust you so their client companies can trust you as well. The agency needs to see you’re an honest candidate whose skills and qualifications make them perfect for a given role. If you prove you’re untrustworthy, you won’t have a chance of partnering with a staffing agency to find a job.

Be Honest About Rescheduling

Whether you’re sick, your car won’t start or an emergency occurred, let your interviewer know as soon as possible. Use the phone as well as email so your interviewer is sure to receive your message. Do your best to give enough notice so they can productively use their time for other activities. Set a new day and time as quickly as possible to show you’re still interested in the position. Follow up later to confirm the new day and time.

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