What Is a Mock Job Interview?

June 6th, 2017

A mock job interview is practice for an official interview to increase your chances of getting hired. A mock interview helps you perfect your skills by providing feedback on your performance and showing areas you can improve in. Follow these guidelines to conduct a mock job interview and help secure the position you want.

Work With a Staffing Agency/Recruiter

Holding mock interviews with a staffing agency or recruiter will give you professional interview practice and feedback. The agency or recruiter will help you answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve your communication skills and reduce your stress level before your actual interview. You may want to repeat a mock interview at least once to implement the feedback you received. After your mock interview, you’ll have an idea of what to expect and feel more confident when you head in for your official interview.

Have a Family Member or Friend Help

They’ll typically be honest with you about problems they see with your delivery and ways you can improve. Ensure you provide your interviewer with as much information as possible about the company and the role so they can ask specific questions that may come up during an interview. Use the opportunity to practice making the best impression on your official interviewer.

Prepare for Your Mock Interview

Research the company. Wear the attire you’ll have on for your official interview. Bring your resume, references, a notebook and pen, and other relevant materials. Arrive for your mock interview 10-15 minutes early. Practice answering questions. Write down questions to ask the interviewer.

Conduct Your Mock Interview

Greet your interviewer with direct eye contact, a smile, a firm handshake and the interviewer’s first name. Make small talk about the weather or another neutral topic. Discuss the company, the department and the position. Carefully listen to each interview question and provide clear, concise answers. Ensure you address employment gaps, layoffs, dismissals and other red flags on your resume. Ask your interviewer about the company and the position. Thank the interviewer for their time. Throughout your interview, show you’re the best candidate for the position.

Videotape/Record Your Mock Interview

You can use a smartphone, laptop or other device to record your mock interview and gain feedback on your performance. After finishing your interview, watch or listen to the recording to find areas you can improve in. For example, were you knowledgeable about the company? Did you display appropriate body language? Were you calm while answering challenging questions? Constructively reviewing your strengths and weaknesses will help you improve your performance at your official interview and increase your chances of getting hired.

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