How Does a Staffing Agency Find You a Job Quickly?

May 9th, 2017

Conducting a job search is a daunting task. There are no guarantees as to when you’ll secure an interview or if you’ll get hired. Fortunately, you can accelerate the process by working with a partner. Here are some ways a staffing agency can help you quickly find a job.

Research Your Past  

A staffing agency researches your past to portray you in the most positive manner and uncover benefits you may provide an employer. For example, the agency may conduct a criminal background check to show you’re not a high security risk. They also may perform a drug screen to show you’re less likely to use illegal substances before, during or after work. In addition, the agency may verify your identity through your social security number and birthdate to show you’re eligible for employment in the United States. Furthermore, the agency may verify your education and credentials to ensure you’re qualified in the areas you say you are. Additionally, the agency may verify your work experience from your resume to ensure you have the experience you say you do. Also, the agency may run a motor vehicle report if you’re operating a company vehicle to check for serious traffic violations.

Test Your Skills

The agency may test your cognitive abilities, knowledge, technical skills or physical and motor abilities to see what roles you may be best suited for. This saves you time by determining which jobs you should perform best at and which companies you may remain with longer.

Find the Right Cultural and Technical Fit

It’s important your beliefs and behaviors align with an organization’s mission and core values. You’ll perform your best each day, genuinely care about your co-workers and help move the company forward. Likewise, you have to possess the technical skills required for the role. Testing will confirm your ability to complete the necessary tasks.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Milwaukee

These are a few ways a staffing agency can quickly help you find a job. If you’re looking for your next position in the Milwaukee area, reach out to SourcePoint Staffing!