How Do You Dress Properly for a Blue-Collar Job Interview?

May 3rd, 2017


Dressing appropriately for a job interview is important. The interviewer’s first impression of you plays a big part in whether you are hired for the position. Therefore, your attire needs to show you put in effort and take the interview seriously. Follow these guidelines to properly dress for a blue-collar job interview.

Do Not Wear a T-shirt and Jeans

If you show up wearing a wrinkled T-shirt and dirty jeans, you’ll leave a bad first impression on the interviewer and won’t get hired. Also, avoid wearing shorts, flip flops, tennis shoes, hats, shirts with slogans or distracting designs, and clothing that is unwashed, stained or wrinkled. Dress appropriately to show you’re serious about securing the position.

Do Not Show Up in a Suit

You’ll look out of place, feel overdressed, and be less confident when discussing the skills and experience that make you perfect for the role. Instead, dress one step above how you’d dress while performing your job duties. The interviewer can better visualize you in the role and help determine whether they should hire you.

Wear Business Casual Attire

You want to appear professionally dressed in relation to the nature of the work. A collared, buttoned shirt and ironed dress pants for men or a blouse and ironed dress pants or calf-length skirt for women are appropriate choices. Ensure your shoes are polished, accessories are minimal and facial piercings are removed before the interview.

Ask the Staffing Agency or Company for Guidance

They’ll appreciate your attention to detail and your desire to fit in with company culture. Knowing what to expect will increase your confidence level and help you perform better during your interview.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Milwaukee

Follow these guidelines to dress properly for your blue-collar interview. If you’re in the Milwaukee area and want assistance with your job search, get in touch with SourcePoint Staffing!