Why Honest Communication Helps the Relationship With Your Manager

April 19th, 2017

Honest communication is important in any relationship. This is especially true when you’re at work. Here are a few ways having honest communication helps the relationship with your manager.

If You Are Running Late, Your Manager Can Cover

Letting your manager know as soon as possible you’re running late gives them time to make arrangements to cover your responsibilities. Be honest about what’s making you tardy. You don’t know whether your manager will look into your story, and you certainly don’t want to be caught in a fabrication of what happened. Keep your reason simple and concise. Ensure your lateness is kept to a minimum by things beyond your control, such as getting a flat tire, to avoid being thought of as unreliable.

If You Dislike a Co-worker, You Can Show Professionalism

Keep in mind if a co-worker is difficult with you, they’re probably difficult with others. Don’t take it personally. Instead, listen to your co-worker, comment when necessary, and focus on completing your work to the best of your ability. Let go of the behavior that bothers you, and avoid gossiping about your co-worker. If you need to vent, tell a trusted friend outside the company about the issue and move on. Control your reaction to your co-worker’s behavior so you remain a team player.

If You Streamline a System, Your Manager Benefits

If you uncover a more streamlined method for accomplishing work, let your manager know so they can consider implementing your idea. Because your manager’s job is to help you more effectively complete your own, it’s in their best interest to provide you with the tools and knowledge for improving your performance. Privately speak with your manager when they have a few minutes before or after your shift or during your break. Discuss your idea, show exactly how it may help increase efficiency and give your manager time to try it out and offer their own input. If your manager decides to implement your idea, you’ll save the company time and money, making you both more valuable to the organization.

If You See a Safety Hazard, Notify Your Manager

If you discover a safety hazard, let your manager know so they can take care of it. For example, if you find a defective tool, ask your manager to replace it. If materials are overloaded, your manager can notify the individuals responsible and remind them of proper procedures for safely organizing items. If co-workers fail to use personal protective equipment, your manager can remind them of safety procedures for performing their duties.

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