Which Resume Format Is Right For You?

March 29th, 2017

As your personal marketing tool, your resume has to stand out from all others and sell your qualifications to employers. However, with different kinds of resumes out there, it’s important you use the type that’s right for you. Here are some guidelines for writing your resume so you increase your chances of securing an interview.

Traditional Resume

A traditional resume should be used when you have many consecutive years of related work experience that apply to the job you’re seeking. Begin by summarizing the skills and experience that make you best qualified for the position. If you’re just starting your career or have limited work experience, include volunteer work or other activities that show your leadership qualities, organizational ability and other transferable skills. Next, use bullet points to state some achievements related to your career. Employers want to know how you helped solve problems for previous companies. For example, you may have saved time or money or increased profits. Then, list your employment history starting with your current position and working backward. Include the name of the company, years you worked there, job title, main responsibilities and specific ways you provided value to your employer.

Skills-Based Resume

A skills-based resume is best when you have little job experience, an inconsistent work history or want to make a career change. Begin your resume by listing three or four of your skills that correspond to the job you’re applying for. Next, use bullet points to describe your experience in each area. Show how you helped your employer solve a problem. Then, create a brief work history section, including the company name, your job title, employment dates and the company’s city & state. You may include internships and volunteer positions as well.       

Solutions to Problems

Because you’re being hired to solve a problem for an employer, your resume needs to show how you’ve helped past employers solve related problems. Clearly state how you used communication, creativity, persistence and analysis to overcome challenges, and how the company benefitted from your hard work. For example, you may have created a more efficient system for handling a task.

Keep your resume to one page or less, and customize it for each job applied for. Also, avoid using templates, which can be difficult to edit. In addition, remember that most employers read in an F-shaped pattern: horizontally across the upper part, down a bit and horizontally across less of the content, and down the left side vertically. Therefore, it’s important you include the most important information in the first two paragraphs and have information-rich words in your bullet points.

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