Which Soft Skills Help You Get an Administrative Job?

March 22nd, 2017

When seeking an administrative job, your skills and experience alone are not enough to be offered a position. To truly excel at the job, you’ll need soft skills as well. Here are a few soft skills you’ll need to secure an administrative position.


You need to possess exceptional speaking and writing skills. For example, knowing whether the person you’re speaking to prefers facts, anecdotes or a different style of communication so your message is conveyed more effectively. Also, find out whether they prefer email, a phone conversation or talking in person when you need to communicate. In addition, when faced with a conflict, stay calm and focus on the issue at hand rather than the person delivering the message. Discuss the problem in a respectful manner until it’s resolved. Furthermore, when speaking with someone of another culture, slow down while keeping your voice at its natural volume. In all cases, be as specific as possible about the issue at hand. Always say “thank you,” and apologize when needed.


As with any position, you need to respect everyone you interact with. Everyone has talents that contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the organization. Diversity is what encourages innovation and progress. When you work with everyone in a collaborative manner that aligns everyone’s professional goals for producing quality work, you help create a culture of acceptance that positively impacts every aspect of the company. By promoting a culture of respect, workers are happier, more productive and work cohesively. As a result, the quality of the company’s products/services goes up. Everyone wins.


To be a successful administrator, you need to remain organized. Since you’re responsible for helping the company operate efficiently, you’ll need to work with people from different departments under varying circumstances. For example, you may help create short- and long-term plans for reaching company goals. To successfully implement these plans, you must understand every aspect of the plan, who’s responsible for executing it and when, and what the expected results are. Also, you may be in charge of coordinating with HR for staffing different departments with the right workers. This requires organized knowledge of the company’s needs, actively recruiting and screening candidates and monitoring employees’ progress.


Although we all want to stand out and be recognized for our contributions, it’s important you collaborate on projects as needed. As an administrator, you have to be flexible, energetic and patient while ensuring the company runs effectively. You must remain efficient, professional and focused while carrying out duties such as filing, copying, typing and scanning. Whether you’re ordering office supplies, covering the reception desk, resolving administrative problems or managing staff appointments, you have to stay engaged in your work and ensure everything gets finished on time.

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