Why Leadership Needs to Make Safety a Priority

March 16th, 2017

As a leader, it’s important you make safety your top priority. When your actions emphasize the importance of safety, your employees trust you and feel secure working for your company. In contrast, when you don’t convey safety is your first priority, your employees end up not trusting you and feel insecure working for the organization. Also, when workers don’t follow safety procedures, they risk injury and loss of life, affecting your entire company. Here are some other reasons you need to make safety your top priority.

Others Follow Your Example

As a leader in the organization, everyone is watching to see how you behave. Because of your influence over others in the company, you help establish and develop the values and procedures needed for enforcing safety measures. Your safety standards are the ones others should aspire to have. Therefore, you need to motivate your co-workers to aim for minimal risk exposure as well. For example, you could educate and train your co-workers on safety measures, or oversee the safety of work activities being performed. Also, you should provide the necessary resources for employees to work safely, including tools, materials and equipment. In addition, ensure everyone remains compliant with safety policies at all times.

Everyone Is Held Accountable    

For workers in the organization to place safety as their first priority, employees at all levels must be held accountable for enforcing company policies. It’s not enough to simply show a video covering safety. For example, you could give co-workers a tour review of exits and places they could go in case of a shooting, fire or other emergency. Everyone needs to be encouraged to report safety hazards, violations and incidents as they occur. New ways for improving safety should be implemented often. Leaders and co-workers need to keep the lines of communication open about safety concerns. Employees exhibiting safe behaviors should be rewarded in small ways. Workers not following safety policies should be talked to about their behavior and if necessary, reprimanded accordingly.

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When safety remains your top priority, it stays that way for others in your organization as well. For additional help filling your leadership needs, contact the experts at SourcePoint Staffing today and work with a top staffing agency in Milwaukee.