Get Your Cover Letter to the Top of the Stack

February 28th, 2017

When writing a cover letter to go with your resume, you want to ensure your letter stands out and gets read by the hiring manager/recruiter. For this reason, it may be more beneficial to view your cover letter as a sell sheet. Because securing a position means you’re solving a problem for your employer, you need to sell yourself on paper by stating ways you can fill a need for the company. Here are some guidelines for writing a cover letter/sell sheet that should land you an interview.

Engage with Your Opening

Your opening needs to grab the hiring manager’s/recruiter’s attention so they want to learn more about you and call you in for an interview. In your first two sentences, state which position you’re applying for, one job title and accomplishment from a previous position that relates to the job you’re seeking, and how you provided value for a previous employer. If you have a contact at the company to which you’re applying, mention that as well. Show reasons why you’re passionate about your work and excited to be applying with the organization. Ensure you personalize your sell sheet for each job you apply for. By matching your qualifications to different job requirements, you increase your chances of being called in for an interview.

Show Your Impact

In your second paragraph, focus more on the company, your qualifications, and why you want to work there. Begin by stating some information about the organization you found especially impressive after researching their website and other online resources. Express reasons you’d enjoy working for the company and how the job matches your career goals. Based on your previous work experience, give concrete reasons why you’ll be successful in the position, how you’ll add value to the organization, and any additional skills you possess that may enhance your contributions.

In your final paragraph, politely conclude with a call to action. Remind the hiring manager/recruiter how your skills and experience perfectly match the job requirements and how you’ll help the company achieve their goals. State that you look forward to hearing from the manager/recruiter soon about setting up an interview.

Stay Concise

Since the hiring manager/recruiter typically allows 30 seconds to read your sell sheet, ensure it’s as concise as possible. Make sure you’re stating only what’s relevant to the position and that your words flow in a consistent manner. Check three times for spelling and grammar mistakes, as your sell sheet and resume will be discarded if they contain errors. Keep your sell sheet to one page or less so the manager/recruiter is more likely to read it and call you in for an interview.

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