7 Job Search Strategies to Start the New Year

February 21st, 2017

Finding a job is often a challenge. Thankfully, you can ease your burden by having a plan for your search. Follow these guidelines when conducting your next job search so you save time securing your next position.

Use Staffing Agency

When you use a staffing agency, they can advocate in favor of your getting the job you want. Because the staffing agency is your employer, they keep records of your attendance, job performance, employer feedback, and other topics relevant to being hired by a company. You gain a variety of skills in multiple industries, which helps you decide what line of work interests you most and what positions you’re best qualified for.

Join a Professional Organization

When you join a professional organization in your field, you gain help with your career development. You’ll have access to job listings, professional development, mentoring, networking opportunities, and other benefits.

Work with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter helps improve your chances of being hired. They’ll have expertise in the industry you want to work in and insight on employment trends. With your recruiter’s large network of client companies, you gain inside knowledge on who’s hiring and which positions are available. Along with customized coaching from your recruiter, you’ll have less competition when applying for jobs and greater odds of being hired.

Give the Employer What They Want

When interviewing, make it clear you’ll perform the work to the best of your ability each day. Point out how you’ll complete tasks as requested, finish your work on time with the highest possible quality, collaborate on projects when needed, welcome feedback, stay open to learning, and remain loyal to the company for years to come.

Do Some Leg Work  

It’s important you control your job search as much as possible. Visit company websites to determine who’s hiring and apply for jobs that interest you. Attend job fairs where you can circulate your resume, talk with hiring managers, and set up interviews. If you secure a position, let your staffing company know. They may be able to advocate for your skills and abilities matching those the employer is seeking.

Join a Networking Group

Networking helps you make business contacts, find out about job vacancies that may not be advertised, and gain inside information on what an employer is looking for in a new hire. You’ll be able to get the word out that you’re looking for a new position and gain help securing an interview.

Send a Thank You Note 

Send a thank you note within 48 hours of each interview. Be sure you express enthusiasm for the job and point out reasons why you’re the best candidate for the position. Limit your writing to two or three paragraphs, and mention a few topics that were discussed during the interview. Be sure you double check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Work with a Leader in Staffing in Milwaukee

These guidelines will have an awesome effect when conducting your next job search. For further help securing a position, reach out to the seasoned experts at SourcePoint Staffing today and partner with a leader in staffing in Milwaukee.