How to Make Your Second- and Third-Shift Employees Feel Respected

February 14th, 2017


Employees often take second- and third-shift jobs as a means of helping out their family during the day, earning a higher hourly wage, or for other reasons. However, because those employees are working when most people are sleeping, those shifts are the most undesirable. Therefore, it’s important you help your second- and third-shift workers feel as respected as your first-shift workers. Here are some suggestions for attaining that goal.

Vary Which Shift Hears News First

When company news breaks, don’t always let your first-shift employees hear the news before second- or third-shift. Because workers on later shifts rarely are able to communicate with upper management beyond their direct supervisor, those employees often feel isolated from the rest of the company. Therefore, it’s important that second- and third-shift workers don’t always feel they gain information second- or third-hand. Because all employees want to receive information from the same individuals through the same channels, make sure later shifts get equal turns hearing company news first. When this occurs, your workers feel greater job satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

Ensure News Is Given to Other Shifts

Once company news is delivered to one shift, make sure the other shifts receive the news as well. All workers have similar communication needs and expectations. They want to hear about breaking news from a supervisor on the day it occurs, rather than from a secondhand source days or weeks later. By keeping employees on all shifts equally informed about company news, they feel greater job satisfaction, build stronger teams, increase productivity, and remain loyal to your company longer.

Give Options for Breaks

Because nighttime workers often struggle with staying awake, it’s important you give them options for taking breaks. Encourage your employees to take naps, go for walks, stretch, eat a healthy snack, or do what they need to remain energized. Fatigue leads to mistakes, resulting in potential injuries, lower-quality products and services, decreased output, and lower employee morale. Therefore, it’s important you let your employees exert some control over when and how they take breaks.

Work with a Top Milwaukee Staffing Agency

These guidelines will help your second- and third-shift workers feel as valued as your first-shift employees. For further assistance with filling your company’s staffing needs, get in touch with SourcePoint Staffing today and work with a top Milwaukee staffing agency!