Should You Include Temporary Work on Your Resume?

January 30th, 2017

When looking for your next job, you may be wondering whether you should list temporary work on your resume. The answer is typically that you should. Here are a few reasons to include temporary work on your resume.

Include Skills Learned

Expand on the industry-specific skills you gained from each position and from working as a temporary employee overall. For example, you may have learned to supervise co-workers, utilize a new data entry program, or secure new clients for a company. Also, because you’re used to joining new teams and meeting new co-workers, you learned adaptability, flexibility, the ability to quickly take on new tasks, and how to prioritize your tasks. Since employers want workers who can begin contributing quickly, it’s important you show how working on various projects in different environments will benefit their company. Remember to highlight your qualifications most related to the area you’d like to work in so staffing companies/employers know what interests you most.

Highlight Problems Solved

Describe your major accomplishments and how they benefitted each company. Starting with your most recent achievement, state what problems/challenges you faced, what actions you took to solve/overcome them, and how your results benefitted the company. For example, you may have brought in 50 new clients and increased sales revenue by $500,000, or created a new system for accounts receivable that increased the number of paid invoices by 30% over 6 months. Employers are always looking for ways to save time and money and increase profits, so be sure you show how you can help them reach those goals.

Explain Employment Gaps

Listing temporary work on your resume helps explain gaps between full-time employment. Perhaps the economy was bad and jobs were scarce. Maybe you wanted the flexibility of temporary work so you could focus on other priorities, such as raising your children. It’s possible you were offered a full-time position from a temporary job, but you turned it down because it wasn’t the right fit for you. In any case, list the client companies you worked for while acknowledging the staffing agency that hired you. For example, Palermo’s Pizza, Milwaukee, WI, Temporary placement via SourcePoint Staffing October 2014 to present.

Consult Professional Resume Writer

You may want to consult a professional resume writer for listing your temporary work. Start by asking for referrals from people you know and trust who have hired a resume writer with positive results. Find out whether the writer is trained or certified by an independent organization and when. Ask what fields they typically work with, their personal background, and changes in resumes they’ve noticed over the past few years. Determine what you’ll receive for your fee, including the right to edit one or two drafts and how to customize your resume for different positions.

These are a few reasons you should include temporary work on your resume. To find your next temporary position, reach out to the experts in staffing in Milwaukee at SourcePoint Staffing today!