3 Ways to Decrease Employee Distraction

January 16th, 2017

The number of distractions people face in their everyday lives often seems to increase daily. This is especially detrimental to employers whose workers tend to lose focus while on the job. When employees spend more time dealing with issues not related to immediate tasks, the entire company is affected. Therefore, it’s important you know a few ways to decrease the number of distractions your employees face at work.

Explain Mobile Device Policy

Because so many workers are addicted to social media, it’s important you establish a policy that limits the use of mobile devices during the work day. If mobile device usage may cause physical harm to workers, such as construction company employees, or the majority of your workers are of a certain age and have difficulty staying off their phones, you most likely want to ban the use of mobile devices during work hours. However, if your employees typically use their phones for doing research or completing other work, your policy should allow for the use of mobile devices for those purposes. Also, you may decide to implement a rule letting employees have a five-minute social media break every few hours to decrease the number of times your workers access their mobile devices. In any case, ensure your policy is the same for all employees and that you enforce the policy at all times.

Create Great Company Culture

By creating a great company culture, your employees remain more engaged in their work and allow fewer distractions to get in the way. For example, by giving your workers more control over making decisions that affect their jobs, your employees will feel a stronger sense of ownership within your organization. As a result, they’ll be more motivated to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. Also, when your employees see a direct outcome from their work and how they contribute to your organization, they’re more likely to continue producing at higher levels.

Ensure Employees Feel Appreciated

Employees who feel appreciated focus more on completing their tasks in a timely manner. One way you can show employee appreciation is by having intentional conversations with them. Be sure you let your workers know they provide valuable contributions to your organization by citing specific examples of their efforts. Also, ask supervisors and co-workers to provide feedback for each employee’s work. It’s important your workers see how their efforts affect others in your organization. In addition, provide challenging assignments that allow your employees to increase their skills and experience levels. Your workers will remain engaged in their tasks and continue increasing their productivity.

It’s important you reduce employee distractions so you elevate company output. For additional help with increasing production levels, contact the experts in staffing in Milwaukee at SourcePoint Staffing today!